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Cosmetic OEM, OEM benefits, OEM advantages
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Guangzhou Kelly Cosmetics Co., Ltd. - -Kelly Cosmetics factory provides you with professional cosmetics OEM/ODM substituting processing services


OEM is the brand producer for some reason and not directly manufactured products, but use their mastery of the "key core technology" responsible for design and development of new products, control sales "channels", and production ability is limited, even production line, plant, all have no, in order to increase production and sales volume, in order to reduce the risk of the new production line, even in order to win the market time, by contract order way entrusts other similar products factory, ordered product low buyout directly, and affix their own brand trademark. This entrust others production cooperation way namely for OEM.


What is the OEM products?

Undertake this machining task manufacturer is called OEM, its production of the product is the OEM products. With fake is different, it is based on the contract on the basis of legal authorization cooperative relations. ODM and OEM is different, it is by party b with technical requirements, entrust party a according to party b request production, product by party b takeover. It is based on the contract on the basis of legal authorization cooperation. OBM refers to an enterprise producing products no brand, specialized accept other enterprise OEM or ODM requirement for other enterprises customer-designated.

The OEM features are: technique outside, the capital market outside, the outer, only production inside.

OEM business the major advantages:

1, is an objective analysis of the international and domestic market situation, therefore accurately determine product direction.

2, can improve the liquidity of utilization and the turnover rate, eli reduce fixed costs to create more economic benefits.

3, may the comprehensive development parties technology and design strength, reduce fixed technical personnel, give full play to the technological specialty.

4, can give full play to all parties specialty, collaborative production, reduce cost and increase benefit.

OEM enterprise manufacturers conditions:

1, large scale production manufacturing environment: at the same time for the numerous brand production, processing required output and quality assurance,

2, the modern management mode: corporate structure is reasonable and efficient operation, internal friction minimize;

3 and strict quality control system: quality is the foundation of enterprise development, processing product nature can guarantee its quality stability.

4, has a set of mature vision tracking system: the best products do not necessarily is the latest product, but the most adapt to the market demand the product, through which keep pace with product developers the way to reduce risk coefficient and increase market technical accuracy.

5, information feedback speed: gripped keen competition slightly longitudinal both lost opportunities.

6, delivery ability: including transportation means is quick, convenient and safe, Product packaging are security, etc

7 and realize product development lowermost cost, initial investment risk, easily scattered own cosmetics brand

8, will product research, development, manufacturing, packaging, filling even packaging design entrusted wholly OEM enterprise, oneself only take off-the-shelf product sales, using the previous sales network based more easily in the shortest time to cosmetics brand image success into the market.

9, don't assume equipment depreciation and self-built factories and production management of risk, still can at any time according to market changes flexible on-demand orders. Thus can promote the finished product business form new management superiority, cultivate and strengthen the enterprise internal management ability and KuoZhangLi, improve the management level, and look forward to a higher level of capital operation. For those who would like to own brand cosmetics company, choosing a good OEM is very important.

The OEM benefits: OEM reduces the production cost, and avoid unnecessary funds devotion

OEM obvious production cost advantage lies in the supplier of existing production capacity, cheap labor, can improve the production efficiency of extensive knowledge structure and other professional processing of the details. This way to reduce production cost, enterprise in the fierce competition in both remain competitive price advantage, but also increase the enterprise economic profits. But as OEM midway through trust have production equipment or responsible for providing production equipment OEM suppliers and their cheap labor, to produce the products you need, just need for production of fixed assets investment and pay high cost labor. Also through the OEM traditional products gain low cost advantage at the same time, concentrate on the research and development of new products, to maintain their own traditional advantage.

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